Monday, October 20, 2014

Rice Wine Imports and Consumption Data


I have a student looking for information on types of wine imports and consumption in Canada,by province if at all possible. Here is a lightly edited version of what she is after:
The amount of commercially imported sake [rice wine] to Canada. At the provincial level, if possible. And for the last few decades. 
If it is possible, I would like to find the amount of sake consumed in each province (to see which province is consuming sake most and least) to compare these numbers with other products like grape wine. Thus, if I can get numerical data for grape wine import and its consumption in Canada, that will be great.

I'm not sure how to go about finding import and/or sales numbers for sake [rice wine].
Can I find numbers for so detailed a product type?


Please note that we do have figures on consumption or sales. The student will be able to retrieve free data at the HS06 level from our Canadian International Merchandise Database (CIMT) online:
-sake is classified within HS06 220600,
-grape wines are classified from 220410 to 220430
(see attached tariff manual for complete list of codes.

Note that if the client wishes to have a more detailed data table at the HS10 level, there will be a cost involved.

Below is the link to our Canadian International Trade Database (CIMT) to retrieve free HS06 trade data:

1. Retrieve your data with one of the following options:
     -Option 1: Select trading partner -
      Select a trading partner and specific variables (e.g., country, province, state, year,                 month, or frequency).
     Click on the appropriate button to either "Retrieve" the data or "Save as spreadsheet            (CSV)" .
    -Option 2: Search by commodity or Harmonized System code" -
     Click on "Search" and then on "Domestic Exports", "Re-exports" or "Imports" next to the        commodity of your choice.
 Use the multiple drop-down menus to change variables.

In some instances, hyperlinks are available and enable you to drill down to lower levels of detail. For example, clicking I-Live Animals and Animal Products shows a breakdown of all the commodity chapters found in that section, offering access to more detailed information.
Use the buttons "Retrieve" to retrieve a different variable selection from the drop down menus "Save as spreadsheet (CSV)" to save in tabulation compatible document and/or "Start Over".

To obtain more information on international trade concepts, commodity classification, releases and revisions, please click on the related buttons in the left-hand side menu.