Monday, October 20, 2014

Households and Environment Survey 2011

I have a question about the PUMF for the 2011 HES. In the 2011 file there does not seem to be a CMA variable, the only geographic variable is Province of residence. This a bit strange a CMA variable was included in previous years of the survey (2009, 2007 and presumably 2006). Also, the User Guide for the 2011 PUMF mentions in section 7.4 (table of derived variables), page 16, that there is a CMA variable: CMA - Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) - 2006 Census Code .

Can someone confirm that this variable was not included in the PUMF and if so why did it appear in the previous years but not in 2011?


An updated file, Households and the Environment survey (Version 2), was released last spring (see attached announcement), which includes the geographic variable “Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)”.

Available here:

EFT: /MAD_DLI/Root/other-products/ Households and the Environment Survey-hes/2011

The updated version is also available on DLI’s Nesstar.