Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Income by FSA


Are there any recent sources other than the 2006 census for family income data at this level of geography?


U of T did an NHS custom Tab and shared it with the DLI. This profile contains income data to the FSA level.This file can be found at: /MAD_DLI/Root/NHS_ENM/2011/NSH-Profile_Profil-ENM/fsa_rta on the DLI EFT site.

The data by FSA can be downloaded from a database for a nominal fee. Before I can proceed further please review:
-Family, tables 1 to 18 (tables 16 discontinued as of 2007) and
-Neighbourhood Income and Demographics, tables 1 to 8 (individuals).
One or all of these tables can be downloaded by FSA by province, territory or for Canada. For example, if your client chose Family, table 17 before tax LIM (low income measure), cost is $146.04 + taxes. Most current year is 2012 for both series attached above with accompanying user’s guides.

Family, table 1 contains median income;
table 4, distribution of total income etc. NID, table 4 contains data by source of income;
table 7 contains income by total after-tax income and age group.

The cost depends on the number of years and tables before a cost quote is sent.