Friday, October 3, 2014

Important Addendum: Updated Products: TLAC 2014/2015 / FSSUC 2014/2015

The v6 zip file is not missing any files. The decision was made to put only current data. Which means that tables 1-4 have not been put again in V6 as those are discontinued.

I remade a zip file including the historical data, footnotes and the questionnaire of the previous version. Note that the included files have not been updated, simply added to the new version from the previous version. The next version will not contain historical data because they have been discontinued.

The zip file has been updated on the DLI site but not on the mirror site. The mirror site will be updated shortly

The path:

In English:

/MAD_DLI/Root/other-products/Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs for Full-time Students - tlac

In French:

/MAD_DLI/Root/autres-produits/Frais de scolarité et de subsistance des étudiants à pleins temps dans les universités - fssuc