Monday, October 6, 2014

PCCF File Confusion


I am looking at the Postal CodeOM Conversion File (PCCF), Reference Guide (Catalogue no. 92-154-G). On p. 22, I see the following:

"The current version of the Postal CodeOM Conversion File (PCCF) includes five files: the PCCF, three
name files (CD_DR.txt, FED03_CEF03.txt, SAC_CSS.txt), and a special file, Retired 2010 (R2010.txt). Postal codesOM retired before January 1, 2011 are included in the Retired 2010 file."


"The naming convention for Postal CodeOM Conversion Files (PCCF) is bilingual and reflects the reference date (June 2013) of the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) data used in the release. The file name for this release is"

So from the above, and looking at the 2011 data folder on the EFT I conclude the following:
* PCCF filename: pccfNatJUN13fccNat.txt
* CD_DR.txt name file filename: CD_DR.txt
* FED03_CEF03.txt name file filename: FED03_CEF03.txt
* SAC_CSS.txt name file filename: SAC_CSS.txt
* Retired 2010 (R2010.txt tile name: R2010.txt
So, what are the other two files?
* R2010_2006GEO.txt
* pcfrfNatFED2003JUN13fcpcefNatCEF200…

Also, there doesn't seem to be any documentation for the Health-PCCF Plus. Could we be provided with a description of what this is and what the individual files are? Perhaps the documentation is packed in with the zipped file, but it would preferable to be able to see the documentation without having to download the entire zip file.


An announcement was sent to the list regarding changes to the file naming convention of the PCCF files:

"Due to an inconsistency between file names and what has been published in the reference guide, we [Geography Division] have renamed two files:
- The R2010_2011GEO.txt file has been renamed to R2010.txt - These postal codesOM are linked to the geographic areas used in the 2011 Census
- The R2010.txt file has been renamed to R2010_2006GEO.txt - These postal codesOM are linked to the geographic areas used in the 2006 Census
"pccfNat_JUN13_fccpNat.txt" file has been replaced with the error correction."

The file is unzipped already on the EFT site here:

And pcfrfNatFED2003JUN13fcpcefNatCEF200 is referring to Postal Codes(OM) by Federal Ridings File.

The working paper related to the file is available in HTML format here: <> and here: <>