Friday, January 14, 2011

National Graduates Survey 2000


DLI has the NGS follow-up survey; class of 2000, but not the NGS 2000?

Why is this?

Thanks. We've had a request for it.


The DLI collection includes a public use microdata file (PUMF) for the Follow-up of Graduates Survey - Class of 2000 but we don't have one for the National Graduate Survey (NGS) - class of 2000 as a PUMF wasn't produced for the National Graduate Survey (NGS) - class of 2000. We asked our education contacts about this and they explained that "It was decided to produce one PUMF for the class of 2000 that included both the NGS and the FOG in order to produce a more comprehensive PUMF for the FOG-Class of 2000. If a NGS PUMF were to have been released it would have reduced significantly the breadth of information that was released on the FOG."

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