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Another quick question... Is there a follow-up to the FOODEX survey? The last one available is 2001 and a student of ours is interested in more recent data - does it exist somewhere?


I asked about this in June 2008. At that time the Food Expenditure Survey was listed as an active survey. At the present time it is listed as inactive and there is no indication the survey was taken in 2009. It supplements the Survey of Household Spending.

The response given:

“When I looked into foodex last March, I was told that the author division planned on collecting data in 2009 so as to release it in 2010 or 2011. I will ask the division for an update and will follow up with more information through the dlilist. In the future, please don't hesitate to ask this type of questions through the dlilist. I am sure that they will be of interest to others!”

Additional Information

We have received the following information in response to your question below:

"Income Statistics Division has collected household spending data for 2010 using a new collection model of the Survey of Household Spending, and plans to release the main spending estimates at the end of 2011. The new model has collected greater detail for food, but the extent of the extra food detail that will be released and the exact timing of the release (simultaneous with the rest of the Survey of Household Spending data or later) is not yet finalised and will depend on the results of analysis and assessments of the data quality over this coming year."

I have asked the author division to inform us when the release plans have been finalised so that we can share this information with the DLI community.

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