Friday, January 21, 2011

Updated Products - GSS

General Social Survey (GSS), Cycle 22: Public Use Microdata File (PUMF) - Revised files

Revised .sav files (C22PUMF_ENG-rev2.SAV and C22PUMF_FRE-rev2.SAV) are now available for the General Social Survey, Cycle 22 PUMF on the DLI FTP and website. The changes described below apply to these files. Please delete the previous versions of these files (C22PUMF_ENG.SAV and C22PUMF_FRE.SAV) and replace them with the new versions.

FTP: /DissFTP/dli/DLI Coll._Other prod/General Social Survey - gss/cycle22-2008/data

C22PUMF_ENG-rev2.SAV (under
C22PUMF_FRE-rev2.SAV (under

Thank you.

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