Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Updated Products - Aboriginal People's Survey: Revised Documentation

Revised French and English codebooks (aps1991cbk-ver2.doc and eapa1991cbk-ver3.txt) for the Aboriginal Peoples Survey 1991 PUMF are now available on the DLI FTP and website. Please delete the previous version of these documents and replace them with the new versions.

A description of the revisions is available in two notes (aps91_guide_note_corr.doc and eapa91_guide_note_corr.doc) that have also been added to the DLI FTP and Web sites. These notes were created to accompany the PDF user guides for this survey which could not be updated.

WEB: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/dli-ild/data-donnees/ftp/aps-eapa/aps-eapa-1991-eng.htm

FTP: /DissFTP/dli/DLI Coll._Other prod/Aboriginal Peoples Survey - aps/1991

Thank you.

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