Friday, January 21, 2011

Courts Personnel and Expenditures Survey


I have a student looking for more recent information from the 2000-2001 court personnel and expenditures survey. Specifically, she is looking for:

I am really interested in only the court costs - how much does it cost to run a court house? What are some of the operational expenses included in this? what are the salaries of court personnel, judges, lawyers, etc.

If there is a more recent source for this information, please let me know.


The StatCan survey that collected the 2000/2001 data you located no longer appears to be active (; the last reference period for this survey was 2002/2003 (see the following Daily release for data for these years:

I have asked our justice contacts if they can recommend a more recent source for similar data and will share their recommendations with you as soon as I receive their response.

Income data by occupation are available from the census (for example: These census data may be of interest to the student as well.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Additional Information

The author division confirmed that the last time data was collected and published for the Courts Resources, Expenditures and Personnel Survey was 2002/2003. They indicated that in the future justice expenditures data will come from the data collected by the the division that disseminates our public sector statistics. The publication of justice expenditures data from this source is however still several years away.

You may wish to see if other organisations (Justice Canada or the jurisdictions/organisations that generate some of these data) publish any of the figures the student needs.

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