Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tabulation Requested for GDP $ for Ontario by NAICS Code and Firm Size

A researcher is looking for income-based GDP $ breakdown for NAICS code 541110 for firms under 20 employees compared to firms with 20 and more employees.  Ideally she would like this for Ontario, but if this isn’t possible, Canada will do.  Basic prices are fine. 

I can’t find this, which is way I think she will need a tabulation.  May we please request on something of a rush basis?

As an aside the researcher found that for 2017 and 2018 all registered law firms in Canada contributed 25,488.6 Million dollars to the Canadian economy (via IBISworld database I think).

I’ve received the following response:
“It is not possible to provide data for this request, at least not from Industry Accounts Division.
We only have information for NAICS 5411 and we don’t have any information on firm sizes.”