Friday, March 22, 2019

GSS Cycle 31 (Family) 2017

When will the PUMF for the GSS Cycle 31 (Family) 2017 be released?

I think I remember seeing an email about it but couldn’t find it.

Then I checked your page for tentative release dates but it was not there.

We’ve received the following response from subject matter:

“For GSS Cycle 31 (Family), it is safe to say Winter 2020.

As for GSS Cycle 32 (Caregiving and Care Receiving), the release of the analytical file is planned for November 2019.  The PUMF for GSS 32 (Caregiving and Care Receiving) will not be ready till sometime in 2020; We don’t have a specific time frame at this time.

The researcher use the PUMF for the cycle 26 (2012 GSS on Caregiving and Care Receiving) in the interim, if they haven’t already.”