Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Census 2016 PUMF .dct file needed

I have a researcher who is using the Census 2016 PUMF with STATA.   They have the Stata  .do file, and the RAW  .dat   data file.

But they are telling me they need a Stata dictionary file .dct to load the .dat file.

I am not familiar with Stata.  The .dat file is loading correctly in SPSS.    I see from a little reading that one can create a .dct file describing the data and its location.  But doe anyone else work with Stata.  How are you generating a .dct file for the Census 2016 PUMF.

I’ve been able to get hold of the .dct file and have placed it in the RAW folder (within both the English and French folders). Hopefully this is what the researcher needs!