Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Public Access to PUMFS

 It was my understanding that with the Statistics Canada Open License, members of the public could access to PUMFs as long as they signed an agreement…?

As of October 2018, PUMFs fall under the Statistics Canada Open Licence. More information on what users can now do with the data can be found here: and FAQs here: An agreement does not need to be signed in order for members of the public to access the PUMFs.

Follow-up Questions:
When I look at PUMFs on, I see that they’re available to the public via the data portal if they fill out the order form. Does this mean that a member of the public requesting a PUMF via would still be asked to pay, while a member of the public requesting the PUMF from a DLI member institution would be able to access it free of charge?

Follow-up Answer:
As always, you can get PUMFs for free from subject matter. There is not yet a central location for free download of PUMFs however, but it’s in the works! 

Follow-up Question:
Another question about the PUMF Open License, this one from a researcher. They ask:

Does that mean that PUMFs acquired via DLI could be shared outside of the institution without restriction, e.g. packaged as part of a textbook for broad dissemination?

Follow-up Answer:
PUMFs acquired via the DLI can be shared outside of the institution, provided that StatCan is cited in the documentation.