Friday, March 15, 2019

Canadian Survey of Cyber Security

I have a researcher who is looking for data on cyber security incidents and measures in relation to the healthcare industry and is interested in anything that falls within NAICS industry sector 62.  We are aware of the Canadian Survey of Cyber Security and Cybercrime (CSoCC) and the data tables that correspond with it. The survey’s target population is private firms and the data tables only seem to provide data for the private sector. As the researchers are interested in healthcare which is mostly public how representative is the data provided? For example, please confirm that in terms of hospitals (NAICS 622) the data only addresses private clinics and not hospitals generally. If only private is there a general description of firms included for NAICS 621, 622, 623 and 624 that you can provide?

If the survey is not representative of healthcare institutions in Canada it would be helpful if you could suggest any alternative source of data pertaining to cyber security/ crime.

Subject matter offered the following response:
The target population for the Canadian Survey of Cyber Security and Cybercrime (CSoCC) consists of private firms in almost all industrial sectors in Canada.

While we cannot provide a general description of the firms, here is the link to NAICS 62 for the common description of the subsectors 621, 622, 623 and 624:

CSoCC is not a representative of healthcare institutions (i.e. public or non-profit organizations). 

The Uniform Crime Reporting Survey measures the incidence of crime in Canadian society and released data on criminal incidents reported to police

There are no other business surveys pertaining to cyber security and cybercrime.