Tuesday, March 26, 2019

RTRA Extracts for SHS 2016

A few months ago, it was reported on this list that the U of Ottawa was doing RTRA extracts from SHS 2016, and would make the tables available to others.  Does anyone have any information on how this is going?

As I promised a few months ago, I am going to send the subject division cookies,  when they finally release a new SHS PUMF.

We have completed considerable work on the RTRA SHS extracts but we are understanding now why StatCan dropped these as it involves considerable custom programming for the sheer volume of expenditure &/or equipment classes.  It is important to us to document our work and perhaps share it back with StatCan.

Can you tell [us] what expenditure or equipment classes you need and any breakdowns by province, some CMAs or major household and dwelling variables?  We can research specifics and will get back to you on list with the follow-up details.

One additional point is that the latest SHS year in RTRA is 2015.  Will that suit your needs? 

We will also ask StatCan to verify if / when 2016 will be made available.