Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Does Nesstar's Master Files metadata fall under the Open Licence?

We're making some updates to address the Statistics Canada Open Licence and we've realized that we're not entirely sure if it covers the metadata for Master Files as available in Nesstar not.

Are Master File metadata covered by the Open Licence? Is there any content in Nesstar that Dal users would not be allowed to share with collaborators from outside the DLI community? We understand that PUMFs in Nesstar are covered by the Open Licence, and that access to Nesstar itself is restricted to the DLI community.

Master Files would be covered under the Open Licence.

“From the DLI Licence: the majority of our standard and custom products will be disseminated under the terms and conditions of the Statistics Canada Open Licence Agreement. (See: Statistics Canada Open Licence Agreement).”

Zero-frequency codebooks would be included under this.

Unless there’s something in Nesstar that I’ve missed, I suspect it would all be covered. You are correct however regarding Nesstar itself being a DLI-use product only.