Friday, April 1, 2011

Updated Products - PCCF+ Version 5H - Revised Files

Postal Code Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) - version 5H - Revised files

Revised files for PCCF+ Version 5H have been added to the DLI FTP and website. Please delete the previous versions of the files and replace them with the revised files.

The revised files contain corrections for errors in PCCF+ Version 5H. Our contacts for this product indicated that the errors "mainly affected coding in British Columbia, and rarely affected coding in Ontario and Quebec. The four main SAS programs (GEORES5H.SAS, GEOINS5H.SAS, R5HOLD.SAS, I5HOLD.SAS) were modified, and the modified versions of the postal code population weight files (WCFUDUPS.CAN and WCFPOINT.CAN) were also corrected."

- replaced by
- replaced by
- replaced by
- replaced by
- replaced by
- pccf1010.wcfpoint.can replaced by pccf1010.wcfpoint-ver2.can
- pccf1010.wcfudups.can replaced by pccf1010.wcfudups-ver2.can


FTP: /dli/DLI Coll._Other prod/Health - PCCF+/pccf5h-fccp5h-can/

Thank you.

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