Friday, April 1, 2011

Acres of Organic Agriculture in Canada


A researcher is wanting “ information on total number of acres of organic agriculture in Canada. “ I have been looking through the 2006 Census of Agriculture DLI tables and can see info on the numbers of farms reporting organic products, but not the numbers of acres cultivated using organic practices. Is this info available?


I asked our Census of Agriculture contacts about your question and they unfortunately don't have data on acres of organic agriculture in Canada. They explained that while they know what farms declare organic products, they don't know how much of the farm is organic. If a farm operator declares hay and field crops organic products they don't know if all of the field crops are organic or only selected field crops.

You may wish to see if data on this topic are available from other organizations and departments (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for example).

I hope that this confirmation is helpful.

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