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GSS Cycle 23, Victimisation - The North, PUMF and Master File, and Aboriginal Identity



We would like to request information please on the GSS 23 microdata files and also have one question about comparability with the GSS 18.

I have been assured by a researcher, in communication with the CCHS, that since cycle 18, when it was covered as a pilot - , the North has been included in the GSS Victimization Surveys. Further to this, an upcoming issue of Juristat will be dealing with the GSS 23 and the North. The Main Product page may be misleading in this regard:

1. Was the North covered in cycle 23 and if so, will this data be available, e.g., through DLI as a separate PUMF(s) and will it be available through the RDC's through the master file(s)?

2. Is it correct that the SOR_Q110 Sexual orientation question been suppressed on the PUMF? …from page 328 of the questionnaire:

3. Will/does the GSS 23 master file(s) provide postal code detail?

4. We noticed that the sample size for Aboriginal groups decreased in 2009 (668 in 2009, down from the sample size in 2004). We also noticed that the questions were quite different: Aboriginal identify (yes/no in cycle 23) and Background (Aboriginal= 13 … one of multiple responses regarding cultural or racial backgrounds),

- Why did this number decrease? We have some questions about coding and comparability …

- In 2004 were responses for Aboriginal coded even if someone gave up to 3 other ethnicities?

- Is it possible that “only” people who identified primarily with an Aboriginal group would have responded to the 2009 question (ie mixed ancestry people didn’t identify as part Aboriginal in 2009 the way they might have in 2004)?

AIR_Q110 Are you an Aboriginal person, (for this survey an Aboriginal person refers to, First Nations’[North American Indian], Métis or Inuk [Inuit])?
1 Yes = 668
2 No Go to end of module
Don’t know Go to end of module
Refusal Go to end of module

VMS_Q110 Canadians come from many cultural or racial backgrounds. I'm going to read you a list. Are you:

INTERVIEWER: Accept a maximum of 4 responses.
INTERVIEWER: Read categories to respondent.

11 ... White?
12 ... Chinese?
13 ... Aboriginal? (that is, North American Indian, Métis or Inuit)
14 ... South Asian? (for example, East Indian, Sri Lankan, etc.)
15 ... Black?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide,


The author division provided the following information in response to your recent questions about the General Social Survey cycle 23 - victimization PUMF:

Question 1: "Cycle 23 did sample the North but the data is separate from the main Cycle 23 collection and will be released to the RDCs (Research Data Centres) in the summer. There is no PUMF planned for the North due to confidentiality and privacy concerns."

Question 2: Yes, SOR_Q110 is suppressed on the PUMF.

Question 3: Postal code is suppressed on the PUMF but available on the analytical file (i.e. the file in the RDCs).

Question 4: "For Cycle 23, the number of Aboriginal respondents did decrease slightly by 15 respondents (from 683 in Cycle 18 to 668 in Cycle 23) as our sample size had decreased since 2004. However, the weighted Aboriginal population did increase to 877,496 for 2009, up from 628,391 in 2004. As mentioned, it is important to note that the question which was used to identify the Aboriginal population in the 2009 victimization survey is different than that used in 2004 and 1999. The question in Cycle 23 (2009) is now in line with what the census uses. The 2009 results for the Aboriginal population should not, therefore, be directly compared with those from previous victimization surveys. "

I hope that this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.


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