Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Divorce in Canada


I've been asked for the most recent divorce rate statistics in Canada. Specifically, what the student needs is

"the number of divorces where a custody order was granted out of total cases involving custody orders, and determining if there are any upward trends in recent years."Divorce statistics seem to stop in 2005. According to the IMDB, the Vital Statistics - Divorce Database is still active, yet the latest data release was Nov 2008. The status of the publication Divorces in Canada (Catalogue no.: 84F0213XWE) is listed as "ongoing/available", yet it too has not been updated since Nov 2008. (How can a publication be listed as an annual and yet not publish for more than two years?) Is there someplace else I should be looking, or is 2005 data the best I can do?


You are right in indicating that the latest marriage and divorce data available are for 2005 and the publication and Cansim tables will be ready shortly. Afterwards, because of budget contraints, Health Statistics Division will stop producing this publication.

That being said, Health Statistics Division is now working on a project for a client on divorce data for the years 2006 to 2008. There will be a brief announcement in the Daily announcing the availability of these data, likely in April. In the mean time, we will pursue with the Division the possibility of having these tables available to the DLI. We will keep you posted.

For marriage data, you will probably have to go the Provincial Vital Statistics Offices. In doing so, keep in mind that all provinces don't report the same way. For example, for same sex marriage, some provinces will report Spouse 1 and Spouse 2 and will not report sex. It is impossible at this point to get uniform reporting.

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