Friday, April 1, 2011

2006 FSA Boundary Files


Are the 2006 FSA boundary files included in the dbf files on the DLI web site, or are they somewhere else?


DLI geography files are not available on the DLI website but you can download them from the DLI FTP site (

To access the 2006 FSA boundary files:

1) Access the DLI FTP site and go to /Geography-GĂ©ographie/2006/spatial-info_dinfo-spatiale/

2) Select ArcInfo or MapInfo depending on your user's preference

3) Select dbf (Digital Boundary File) or cbf (Cartographic Boundary File) depending on your user's preference. For a brief description of the two types, see

4) Select National

5) Select FSA-RTA. There will be two files in this directory, one English "" and one French ""

If you have any problems connecting to the FTP site or downloading the files, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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