Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Looking for "self-employed" variable for the General Social Survey, 2013 [Canada]: Cycle 27, Social Identity [version 2]

A researcher is looking for a self-employed variable in the PUMF for the GSS 27 Social Identity survey.  It’s there for the previous cycle, cycle 22, but we can’t find it for cycle 22.  Are we missing something …?

We also wondered …

  • When will there be a new cycle on Social Identity?  Is this documented anywhere?  The researcher would like to follow this.  We noticed the IMDB page still indicates 2013 as the latest year.
  • Would it be possible to see a release date for the next GSG on https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/dli/prod_date

Here is the response I received from subject matter:

“You are correct, cycle 27 does not have a self-employed variable in the PUMF.  Subject matter will get back to us if they can find why it was left out.

The next iteration of Social Identity will go in the field in May 2020 and the first release(analytical) is expected in the Fall of 2021, with the PUMF following likely in the Spring of 2022.”