Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Unsuppressed BERD data by province

I have a researcher looking for unsuppressed data from the Annual Survey of Research and Development in Canadian Industry, and the Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy. Specifically, they are looking at business expenditure on R&D by industry for Canada and the provinces (similar to table 27-10-0341-01 / CANSIM table 358-0518), in hopes of comparing BERD within each industry across provinces and territories. Ideally they are hoping for the most recent 5 years of data, but if necessary they would sacrifice recent-ness for complete/unsuppressed data. I’m wondering if access to this data is possible, and via what channels. If I can provide any more details please let me know.

Answer from Subject Matter:
“The most recent year of data available for table 27-10-0341-01 / CANSIM table 358-0518 is for reference year 2016.  This data has been published and is currently available in the referenced table.  If the client requires 5 years of data, they can reference the archived CANSIM table 3580161 which contains similar information for years 2013 and prior.  It should be noted that the industry groupings were changed from 46 unique groups to 57 unique groups in 2014, so there may be some mapping required.  However, all the information required for that mapping is available in the disseminated tables. We are unable to provide estimates that have not been run through our confidentiality system.”