Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Households and the Environment Data Dictionary

I have a researcher using the 2015 Households and the Environment Survey (HES), and she’s wondering if there are any more fulsome explanations of some of the “other” responses in certain categories.

The examples she’s given are:

1)    For GDWELCOD on page 12, it states 2 options for dwelling i.e. other and apartment. There is no explanation of "other".

2)    On page 143 of data dictionary: NN_Q08BY: states other for an outdoor activity with no explanation of what other means. Is there anyone I can call to inquire?

Are there any further classifications of “other” available for these variables?

The “other” category includes the following dwelling types:

  • Single-detached
  • Double
  • Row or Terrace
  • Duplex
  • Mobile home
  • “Other”


The outdoor activities question was asked as an open-ended question and responses coded post-collection. The “other” category for the outdoor activities is a catch-all for any infrequently-reported outdoor activities that do not fall into one of the other categories of activities. Unfortunately, there isn’t any additional detail available for the activities in this category.