Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Commercial Real Estate

I have a researcher looking for a dataset which gives the the value or rent of commercial properties by CMA or Census Subdivision from 2006 to present. An example would be annual average rent of office space per sqf. From Statistics Canada I think that the Commercial Rents Services Price Index may work, but I can only find data for Canada and not by any smaller geographies (ex. Table 18-10-0065-02). Would it be possible to get this data by CMA or Subdivision? Would any one from the community be able to suggest any alternative data sources?

Answers from the DLI List:
- Try BOMA Canada ( A quick check of the website didn’t reveal any actual numbers, but they do say that they collect statistics!  

- I hope the Commercial Rents Services Price Index works for your data question. If not, we might to look at CREA or BOMA for this?

- You might have the researcher contact the Toronto Real Estate Board to see if they can provide some data:

Answer from Subject Matter:
“The Commercial Rents Services Price Index (CRSPI) measures price changes of commercial rents over time.

It is published at the national level for all buildings combined (Office buildings, Retail buildings, and Industrial buildings and warehouses).

Prices per square foot are not published at the CMA level.

However, to meet you data needs (CMA level price per square foot for office space), please refer to CBRE (, under research centre) or Collier International (, under research section).”