Thursday, October 11, 2018

Consumer Price Index (CPI) PUMF files

We have a researcher that is looking for CPI PUMF files. Do they exist? How small on geographical level can you get the CPI values:

More specifically:
"CPI Values: if at all possible, I am looking for microdata on individual foodstuffs used in the construction of CPI measures by Stats Can. If that is not possible, I would be interested in CPI “values” specifically as they pertain to foodstuffs (I suppose for whatever “basket” of foodstuffs Stats Can uses. If foodstuff CPI values are all that is available, I would like to know the steps used in constructing them, as well as which “baskets” of goods were used. 
Geographies/Geographic “Resolution”: I am looking for individualized values for all upper tier municipalities in Ontario, Canada (I believe Stats Can refers to them as Census Agglomeration Part / Metropolitan Area / Area Part?). 
Time: widest possible"

Subject matter has suggested that the researcher accesses the data from CEDR. There is some availability of some cities. The information for food is available there.

For your reference, here is some information about CDER :

Proposal requirements: and

Any proposal for submission must have sufficient details, so as to determine the feasibility of the project. This will include a data perspective, costs, and professional merit. Note that CDER only considers research projects that are not descriptive in nature.

CDER is run on a cost-recovery basis; as such, all researchers must be able to cover all project costs, including the cost of having their project proposals peer and committee-reviewed.

The costs of a project depend on a variety of factors such as

1.length of time required to access the CDER facilities
2.whether the data set exists or needs to be developed much output needs to be reviewed for confidentiality. 

This means that there is no standard project cost. Each project will be reviewed by CDER to determine the individual cost. Here are some elements to consider for a simple project:

•whether a project makes use of an existing database
•whether the project can be completed in 3 months (66 days)
•if the expected output of the project would take no more than 2 days for a Statistics Canada analyst to review for confidentiality issues
•if there are project submission fees (see below)
•whether there is a need for housing the researcher(s) and providing them with access to CDER facilities (office workspace, workstation, server, data storage, etc.), which is the largest element affecting the cost

Based on current costs, a simple project, such as the aforementioned would cost approximately $7,200.00.