Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The one where the web site's change language button does not work


I don’t think this has been reported. Many French and English links (from the change language button to the top right) are not working on the traditional STC web pages. Here are just a few of the pages (and their subpages) where the French and English change language links do not work. Is this because these pages are about to be phased out? We can still get to the correct pages by manually substituting the eng with fra for these pages.


I passed your observations on to Dissemination Division, and they provided me with the following response –

At first I could not reproduce the problem. The toggle works fine for me on both Net A and Net B. However, then I noticed that all the links that were provided are “https” whereas they should be “http.” If you use “https” the toggle does not work. You can ask the client to try using “http” and see if it resolves the problem. I am curious to know why they are using “https” though. Perhaps the issues was in copying and pasting the links.