Friday, July 17, 2015

PCCF+ version 6B official release

Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus version 6B (official release)

This is the official release of the Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) version 6B based on the 2011 Census. This file reflects postal code data from the Canada Post Corporation up to and includingNovember 2014.
The Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) is a SAS© control program and set of associated datasets derived from the Postal CodeOM Conversion File (PCCF), a postal code population weight file, the Geographic Attribute File, Health Region boundary files, and other supplementary data. PCCF+ automatically assigns a range of Statistics Canada’s standard geographic areas and other geographic identifiers based on postal codes. The PCCF+ differs from the PCCF in that it uses population-weighted random allocation for postal codes that link to more than one geographic area.
What’s new?

The postal code reference date for the Postal CodeOM Conversion File (PCCF) and the Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) is November 2014.

This release has been updated to include 2014 health region boundaries. Note that Ontario Public Health Units are now shown as ‘alternate health regions’, as in earlier versions of PCCF+.

Records with the same ID and postal code appearing more than once in the input dataset will now be assigned to the same geography (similar to PCCF+ Version 5K).

The weighted conversion file (WCF) includes revised weights for Indian reserves for 2011 (similar to PCCF+ Version 5K).

Where postal codes in the PCCF are not completely geocoded (missing DA), they will now be coded from the first five characters, using census population weights.

The residential flag (ResFlag) field has been updated to be more conservative with respect to the non-residential flag (-) and to be more inclusive with respect to the residential flag (+).

The institutional flag (InstFlag) field has been updated and as a result, the hospital flag (HOSP) has been removed as it is now redundant.

Users can now read in text files.

The final output datasets are now exported as .txt and .csv files.

The coding precision (Prec) field has been redefined to more meaningfully describe the precision of the geographic coding of each record by PCCF+.

EFT : /MAD_DLI_PCCF/Root/Health-PCCF-plus-Sante-FCCP-plus