Thursday, July 9, 2015

GSS27 - sexpr and prtypec variables


Appendix D – Content Comparison of the GSS27 User Guide lists 2 variables – SEXPR and PRTYPEC – and notes that they are the same as GSS22 (2008). Both of these variables are in the PUMF for GSS22 but neither are in the PUMF for GSS27. It appears that this Content Comparison is listing the variables in the two PUMFs and not any master file variables.

Why were the SEXPR and PRTYPEC variables not included in the GSS27 PUMF? Since they are in GSS22 PUMF it seems odd that they are excluded from the GSS27 PUMF when the Content Comparison list says they are the same.


See response below from Subject Matter.

Thank-you for your interest in Cycle 27 Social Identity (SI). Every effort is made to retain variables. However it is not possible in all cases and we understand the difficulty users may experience because of this. Suppression of a given variable is undertaken per survey and case-by-case basis – decisions are not necessarily limited to a given cycle. The General Social Survey (GSS) is cross-sectional survey where respondents are randomly selected each survey. In this instance, the variable suppression from the PUMF was undertake for confidentiality purposes; low cell counts for given population(s). Custom tabulations are potentially available through SASD client services section.