Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GSS on Odesi - 2004 Cycle 18 - Victimization


I have a question about Odesi. I tried to download the dataset for de GSS 2004_cycle 18, Victimization, Main file. But the file I downloaded was labelled: gss-12M0018-E-2002-c-18-m.zip.

Every other dataset I downloaded from the site was labelled with the proper year. I was wondering if it is the dataset for the GSS 2004_cycle 18 and if not, how could I obtain it.


The file the user downloaded from <odesi> is indeed the correct 2004 file, however it is mislabeled. I checked the Statistics Canada user guide to verify the frequency counts and they match the file. We will replace the file with the correct label.