Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Updated Products: NGS 2013 (Class of 2009-2010)

National Graduates Survey (NGS)

This survey was designed to determine such factors as: the extent to which graduates of postsecondary programs had been successful in obtaining employment since graduation; the relationship between the graduates' programs of study and the employment subsequently obtained; the graduates' job and career satisfaction; the rates of under-employment and unemployment; the type of employment obtained related to career expectations and qualification requirements; and the influence of postsecondary education on occupational achievement.

Definitions, data sources and methods: survey number 5012 <http://www23.statcan.gc.ca/ imdb_internal/p2SV.pl?Function=getSurvey&SDDS=5012&adm=0&dis=1>

EFT: /MAD_DLI/Root/other-products/National graduates survey -ngs/2013