Thursday, January 8, 2015

Off-reserve Aboriginal People in SLID


A researcher found a table on “Low Income among Various Groups”, located at:<>. He is particularly interested in the “Off-reserve Aboriginal people” category. The source cited for this is the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics, 2013.

I also came across: Murphy, Brian, Xuelin Shang and Claude Dionne. 2012.
Low income in Canada: a multi-line and multi-index perspective. Income Research Paper Series, No. 0001. Statistics Canada catalogue no. 75F0002M – no.001. Ottawa: Statistics Canada. <> page 38 out of 112 also confirms that SLID data is used to identify low income in off-reserve Aboriginals.

However, I have checked the documentation for the SLID PUMF, and could find other categories from this table, but not the “Off-reserve Aboriginal people”. Unfortunately, Statistics Canada Nesstar <> does not appear to include SLID for the Master Files.

Can anyone confirm that there is such a variable in the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics Master Files which can be accessed at our RDC? Any other suggestions on where to find data regarding poverty or low income amongst the Aboriginal population would also be welcome. 


The Social and Aboriginal Statistics Division suggested looking at:

The Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) could extract Low-income cut-offs for Aboriginals off-reserve: < lang=en&db=imdb&adm=8&dis=2>

The National Household Survey (NHS) could also be another option: <http://www23.stat>