Thursday, January 15, 2015



Does the LFS 2013/2014 use the NOC-S 2001? I don’t think it is possible, but with the LFS, can (G51) "Occupations in Food and Beverage Service" be separated into full-service and fast food with a custom tabulation?


I consulted the Guide to the Labour Force Survey <> and Section 3: Dictionary of concepts and definitions states:

"Occupation: Refers to the kind of work persons were doing during the reference week, as determined by the kind of work reported and the description of the most important duties. For those not currently employed, information on occupation is collected for the most recent job held within the previous year. Occupational classification is based on the 2006 National Occupational Classification for Statistics (NOC-S)."

I confirmed with subject matter that – it can be cross tabulated by the following NAICS:

7221-Full-Service Restaurants
7222-Limited-Service Eating Places
7223-Special Food Serv.
7224-Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)