Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Industrial Water Survey


I have a researcher who is interested in the “Industrial Water Survey”. His question is as follows:

“I'm looking for data from the Industrial Water Use Survey, and I need data at a sub-sector level, and by province. You'll notice here it has two tables < ObjType =ARRAY>:

153-0074 Water acquisition costs in manufacturing industries, by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) <>

153-0075 Water acquisition costs in manufacturing industries, by provinces, territories and drainage regions <>

But I'm looking for these combined - by province AND by industry classification. Since there are both tables obviously the data exists - but I'm not quite sure how to get at it. I tried using Beyond 2020, but I think it just allows me to move around tables, not combine them, is that right?“

Would it be possible to get a table that combines both Province and Industry classification?


The subject matter  responded that:

Unfortunately the Industrial Water survey is not designed to produce estimates at the level of detail requested by the researcher (water costs by province by NAICS). There are numerous implications if one were to try to produce the requested estimates: the quality of the estimates would be further degraded as one drilled down into the data; more data cells would be suppressed by confidentiality; and the cost to run our systems to produce the data for each reference year would be high – and in the end there is a strong likelihood that we would not be able to release much (if any) of the data.

We do have CDER, which operates on a cost-recovery basis where academics can come and work on research projects using micro-data. However, there is a vetting procedure and it is not intended for simple cost recovery tabulations.

For more information on CDER, you may refer your researcher to their website: <>