Monday, January 5, 2015

Master Files vs. PUMFs


From what I've understood, even if a PUMF was not created, a masterfile is always typically available for social survey data. Are all master files accessible through an RDC? In other words, are there some master files that are not available through an RDC (and whose data
can only be accessed through customized tabulations)?


The RDC explained that: "Not all the master files are available through the Research Data Centre (RDC) program. The RDC program usually only houses social survey microdata
while the Centre for Data Development and Economic Research (CDER) program typically houses business survey microdata.

Custom tabs can be acquired through the subject matter divisions or through Microdata Access Division’s Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) program for a fee.
For a list of RDC data sets, please visit the RDC data page: <>. For a list of RTRA data sets, please visit the RTRA data page: <>. For a list of CDER data sets, please visit the CDER data page: <>