Sunday, January 11, 2015

2006 Census Illustrated Glossary


The link on this page to the 2006 Census Illustrated Glossary is not working: <>. Also there is no link to the 2006 Census Illustrated Glossary at <>. Are these still available?


The Subject Matter has confirmed that the 2006 (and 2001) Illustrated glossary has been pulled down. There were a lot of issues with it, and they decided at some point to add definitions that were no longer in the Glossary as of 2011 or 2006 (i.e., block, EA, NGB, UA, urban pop size group, urban core/urban fringe/rural fringe, locality), though these will just have links to their appropriate successor definition (i.e., DB, DA, SDI, POPCTR, core/fringe/rural area, place name), as is done with the Census Dictionary. This is currently in progress, and should be released in a couple of months.

All of the content from the 2006 Illustrated glossary can be found in the 2006 Census Dictionary, except the tutorials. The current tutorials were updated for 2011, but were not rewritten substantially from 2006 except for the urban area tutorial which obviously required a rewrite with the deletion of the urban area term and the creation of the population centre for the 2011 Census.

Any links that are currently pointing to the 2006 and 2001 illustrated glossary should now point to:<> ; French link: <>.