Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2013 PCCF


A request has come in for the 2013 PCCF file (we will make sure he is aware of the license and obtain appropriate signature.) I took a look at the DLI EFTP site, the latest year shown is 2011 PCCF. Do you know when the 2013 PCCF file will be available to the DLI community? According to <>, 2013 PCCF is the first release with the 2011 census geography, hence it would good to know when 2013 PCCF will be available.


The files you are looking for are found in the 2011 folder. The PCCF files in the EFT were released in October 2013 with the 2011 census geography.

The PCCF folders are broken down by Census year. Hence the 2011 folder representing the 2011 census geography.