Thursday, July 10, 2014

2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey Community Profiles Access


The links to the 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey Community Profiles are broken and, judging from the information I was able to retrieve from the listserv this product is no longer available. Is there any chance these databases will be reinstated? The APS Community profiles are a very useful source of information for our users. I know that we can request data through the DLI, but that is not nearly as useful as having those tools -- for 1996 and 2001-- directly available to our users. Alternatively, is there anything similar planned for the 2012 APS?


The 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey Community Profiles is no longer available due to the security risks or vulnerabilities of the database that is used, as well the database software can no longer be updated. We had similar issues with the 1996 Community Profiles in which we had to take this off line as well.

The Subject Matter Division has informed that while the profile information is no longer available, they will attempt to transfer the data onto a CD for the DLI – I can then place it on the EFT site.