Friday, July 11, 2014

Prices for Corn and Hay Used for Silage in Canada


A researcher would like to find statistics on prices for both corn and hay used for silage in Canada. A Statcan rep suggested that she contact me about the availability of data from the “Tame Hay and Straw Prices Received by Producers [in] Ontario” survey which is not available through CANSIM or other standard data products. I do not see data from this survey in the DLI collection, nor listed in the RDC Master File metadata list.

- Brief description of survey: <>

- Link to questionnaire: <>

I have found some other sources of useful statistics (mostly provincial), but I just wanted to check that I hadn’t overlooked anything from Statcan.


The Author Divison explained that: "We don’t have any information in regards to prices of corn or hay used for silage. However, we do have some price/metric tonne data for tame hay in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, as well as price/metric tonne data for grain corn, for various provinces. Our Price Book, includes this information, for the years 2009 to May 2014.

Here are also some links to CANSIM tables that they may use to find data on hay and/or fodder corn. Both tables contain values on seeded area, harvested area, production and yields:

- Table 001-0017 (metric values): <>

and here is another link with the same data available in imperial values:

- Table 001-0010: <>."