Friday, July 25, 2014



I am trying to help someone find the number of landfills in Canada, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. I think I may have found numbers for NS and Ontario but not  Quebec. Incidentally, I have found that SK has more than 700 but she doesn't need that number. This seems to become quite complicated. There are large landfills and there are small landfills. Some are public and some are private. I am thinking that maybe they are in one of the DMTI layers (Enhanced point of interest?) but I haven't managed to locate the information there, yet, either. If you can help point me in the right directions, I would be very grateful.


Infostats  responded: "Information about the waste management industry is available in the CANSIM tables listed on this page of our website.

- Tables 153-0044 and 153-0045 may be of particular interest to the client.

- Table 153-0044 shows the total number of businesses in the waste management industry, by province. The same information is however not available for the public sector (153-0045).

Furthermore, information on business location counts by industry, by employment size and by province is available in CANSIM table 551-0005.

Data for the following industries can be found in this table:
Waste collection [562110]
Waste treatment and disposal [562210]
All other waste management services [562990]

The number of landfills by province is not available as a standard product on our website, but may be available through a custom request.

The client can send Infostats an e-mail with her detailed data requirements (variables, time frame, geography, etc.) as well as his/her complete contact information and Infostats will forward her request to the Advisory Services.

An agent will contact him/her back to inform him/her if the data he is seeking is available and to provide him/her with a free time and cost estimate, would any charges apply.

Finally, the client may want to contact Environment Canada as they might have more information on this subject: < or>