Monday, July 7, 2014

Suppressed CCHS Variable


I've got a researcher looking for a data point that doesn't appear to be in the 2012 CCHS PUMF - "HCU_01AC: Do you and this doctor speak in English, French or other?" I presume this variable was suppressed to preserve anonymity? Is it possible for the researcher to get access to this data?


That is correct that the HCU_1AC variable is not available on the PUMF.

The master files contain all variables and all records from the survey collected during a collection period. These files are accessible at Statistics Canada for internal use and in Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centres (RDC), and are also subject to custom tabulation requests. The RDC Program enables researchers to use the survey data in the master files in a secure environment in several universities across Canada. Researchers must submit research proposals that, once approved, give them access to the RDC. For more information, please consult the following web page: < /rdc/index.htm>

Another way to access data in the master files is to purchase a custom tabulations. This service is offered on a cost-recovery basis. The results are screened for confidentiality and reliability concerns before release. For more information, please contact Client Services.

Finally, the remote access service to the survey master files is another way to have access to these data if, for some reason, the user cannot access a Research Data Centre. Each purchaser of the microdata product can be supplied with a synthetic or ‘dummy’ master file and a corresponding record layout. With these tools, the researcher can develop his own set of analytical computer programs. There is no charge for this service.