Thursday, June 26, 2014

Canadian Community Health Survey 2013 and Problem Gambling


A researcher here is looking at problem gambling in Manitoba. There are a couple of CCHS surveys that have included questions on this, but Manitoba did not seem to buy into this optional content in the past. However, it seems that Manitoba is one of the provinces that did buy into this Optional Content for CCHS 2013, as per the questionnaire: <> (logon id and password) page 223 of 373.

I know it’s probably a little early in the data life cycle, but could you please confirm that this was collected, whether there will be a PUMF that might include this, or whether it will be in the RDCs along with any projected dates?

As you can imagine, researchers are quite eager to get access to this data.


Problem Gambling was optional content for CCHS 3.1, and only NB chose it. For CCHS 2010, only NB and AB, Nunavut chose it as optional content, so that is why there are no data.
The Health Statistics Division confirmed that:

Yes, Problem Gambling was selected by Manitoba for 2013. The data is available in the RDC’s, but will not be included in the PUMF when it is created next year.