Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Internet Use by Immigrant Status


I'm looking for data on internet use (by province, ideally) by immigrant status? Preferably on people who've not become Canadian citizens, but I'll make do with whatever is available. It would appear that the 2007 CIUS master file might be useful, but I'm wondering if the more recent versions might have also produced some good results. Do you have any suggestions besides the RDC?


I checked the userguide of GSS22, variables on the internet (and other characteristics place of birth and visible minority status) and thought these could be of potential interest:
Socio-demographic factors influencing use of the Internet - Internet use among new Canadians <> (data from the 2003 General Social Survey on social engagement). For more recent data, consider 2008 - Cycle 22 Social Networks <>
Selected activities of home Internet users1, by immigration status, Canada, 2007
Data source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Internet Use Survey, 2007.