Thursday, October 24, 2013

Class of 86 Revisited tables


I have a StatsCan publication, The Class of 86 Revisited: A Compendium of findings of the 1991 Follow-up of the 1986 Graduate Survey with comparisons to the 1988 National Graduate Survey, that has a list of Supplementary Tables (Appendix C) in the back (Groups A – H). We have a disk with tables from Group A and the publication has the tables from Group B. Do you know if we can get our hands on any of the other tables (Groups C – H)?

I believe that a PUMF was not produced for the 1991 Follow-up Survey but would the tables have been made public? There is a note in Appendix C that says the tables can be ordered from Human Resources Development Canada.


We have one file that could work, otherwise HRSDC would need to be contacted.