Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Provincial PCCF Files


Are we still able to get PCCF files for specific provinces?


File specifications
The current version of the Postal CodeOM Conversion File (PCCF) includes five files: the PCCF, three name files (CD_DR.txt, FED03_CEF03.txt, SAC_CSS.txt), and a special file, Retired 2010 (R2010.txt). Postal codesOM retired before January 1, 2011 are included in the Retired 2010 file. This reduces the size of the PCCF. These are ASCII files and do not include any software nor instructions on how to use the product within specific Geographical Information Systems (GIS) or mapping packages.

File naming convention
The naming convention for Postal CodeOM Conversion Files (PCCF) is bilingual and reflects the reference date (June 2013) of the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) data used in the release. The file name for this release is pccfNat_JUN13_fccpNat.zip.