Thursday, October 3, 2013

NHS Suppressed Data


I have a researcher looking for data on “The Narrows 49, IRI” (Manitoba 19 065). [Incidentally for librarians, you have to search for “The Narrows”, as a search for “Narrows” will not find it.] The user would like to know if “not available” is the final answer, or if Statistics Canada might consider custom data for specific topics or variables? Would this depend on whether it is a confidentiality issue, or a data quality issue? Is there someone that users should contact directly to inquire about such possibilities?


if an area is not released in the standard product line, it is still be possible to request it via custom tabulation, of course that is cost recoverable. The custom tab would include, as I understood, areas that were suppressed, with detailed notes.

Custom tabulations from the 100% database are available for census years 1971 to 2011 and from the 20% database for census years 1971 to 2006. They are produced to meet the needs of individual users, according to their exact requirements in terms of content, geography, format and output medium. This includes the derivation of new variables and the creation of custom geographies.