Monday, January 28, 2013

Longitudinal Worker File


I have a PhD student who is looking for the Longitudinal Worker File (LWF) microdata and wants to know what years might be available. From what I can find, the LWF is only available through StatCan as a paid custom product:

It is available through the Canadian Centre for Data Development and Economic Research (CDER)

To access: CDER is located within Statistics Canada's Ottawa facilities on the 18th Floor of the R.H. Coats Building. Access to Statistics Canada's holdings of business microdata is available only at this facility. A prospective researcher submits a project proposal to CDER following the process outlined in the CDER application process and guidelines. Only research-oriented projects can be undertaken at CDER. Individuals should contact the appropriate subject matter divisions at Statistics Canada to obtain custom tabulations. Applications are accepted year round. The approval of the projects will be based on peer reviews and on whether the project falls within the mandate of Statistics Canada. Alternative access would be a custom tab.