Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Canadian Industry Trade Data


A researcher is looking for Canadian industry trade data at the HS-10 and HS-8 level for imports and exports, respectively. StatCan and IC resources are limited to the HS-6 level.

Normally, we could turn to CHASS's Trader Analyzer, but our university does not subscribe to this resource. Can anyone suggest a different resource we can turn to in order to get this level? I am more familiar with socio-economic data, so any help would be appreciated.


The DLI community had access to the Canadian International Trade Database (1988 – 2009), which charged clients 3$ per series and provided data by HS08/HS10. However, that database was terminated and replaced with the free version that provides clients data at the HS 6-digit level. In our collection, we received revised schedules up to 2011 for the database, the DLI has revised data schedules for reference period "1988 to 2009". More current data at the HS-10 and HS-8, would require a custom tabulation.