Friday, January 11, 2013

Graduation Rates in Canadian Universities


Is there a source of university completion/graduation rates “by” universities in Canada over the past 15 years approximately?

What I could find was:
- this includes university graduation rates by provinces (not by universities) in Canada, 1991 up to 2005 only (Table D.2.4 Graduation rates, by program level and jurisdiction of study, Canada and jurisdictions, 1991 to 2005, produced, June 2008)

Both AUCC and CAUT don’t seem to have this. Where can I find more information on these rates?


In fact that was the last installment of that particular table as the methodologies used to calculate “Graduation rate” is being revisited. So for now the table is no longer being updated. Sorry we do not have a timeline as to when it will reappear at this point.